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Florida to Michigan – still taking reservations!

We welcome home all of our dear snowbirds.

We are still running weekly for all those who have not made it back to Michigan yet (or want to go down to Florida).

We hope everyone is having a lovely spring in Pure Michigan! 🙂

Auto Transport – Florida Direct!

Winter is upon us, and the Florida sunshine is calling…  🙂

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

How to Properly Prepare Your Car for Transport

It is important to properly prepare your car when transporting it to Florida. Here is a short list of requirements for your car before it goes on the truck:


1. Loading the vehicle: In a sedan, personal items may only be placed in the trunk. In an SUV, items may only be placed in the very rear luggage area, and can not obstruct view of any windows.

2. Fuel: If you have placed items in your vehicle, the fuel must be down to a quarter (1/4) of a tank.

3. Do not place time- sensitive materials in your car for transportation. Time sensitive materials include, but are not limited to, medication, liquids, and perishables.

4. All items must be securely packed/ tied down to limit movement during transportation.


If you have any questions, you may contact the office at (800) 878 – 4737.  Ask for Rick or Debbie.

Auto Transport Michigan to Florida

Posted August 24th, 2011 by USA Auto Transport and filed in How to - Auto Transport Michigan Florida

The fall is coming and we are taking reservations shipping cars from Michigan to Florida and back.  When shipping your car always check our schedule first.  It will make your auto transport go more smoothly.  We ship cars to Florida and back to Michigan every week.  We own our own trucks and the drivers are our employees.   We are not a broker.  When we take a reservation it holds your spot on one of our trucks so you know when your car is being shipped.  We go straight to Florida and back to Michigan, that way your car gets to Florida quickly.   Call USA Auto Transport now for a quote and our schedule 800-878-4737.

How to prepare for your auto to be shipped

When shipping your car or truck always talk to us first. You need to coordinate your airline flight with our schedule. Never make your airline reservations before talking to us first. Our trucks leave weekly on a set schedule.  Call USA Auto Transport today to make your reservation. 800-878-4737.

How to select an auto transport company?

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Choosing an Auto Transport Company

When choosing an Auto Transport Company, ask a lot of questions and do some up-front research. Ask for a Certificate of Insurance indicating full coverage so you can be sure your vehicle will be insured while in transit.

  • Insist on a written agreement and read it carefully. Ask questions for clarity.
  • Check to see if the company owns trucks or is only a broker that represents many haulers.
  • Make a value decision. Remember the old saying ”you get what you pay for”.

In the end, choose the company who is most likely to move your vehicle in a secure and timely fashion, while providing you with superior customer service. USA Auto Transport in Utica, Michigan is an auto direct transport company specializing in Michigan to Florida Direct Auto Transport. We are not a broker. We use our own trucks and drivers to safely transport your vehicle from Michigan to Florida direct. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit our website:  autotransportusa.com  for more information.