How to Properly Prepare Your Car for Transport

It is important to properly prepare your car when transporting it to Florida. Here is a short list of requirements for your car before it goes on the truck:

1. Loading the vehicle: In a sedan, personal items may only be placed in the trunk. In an SUV, items may only be placed in the very rear luggage area, and can not obstruct view of any windows.

2. Fuel: If you have placed items in your vehicle, the fuel must be down to a quarter (1/4) of a tank.

3. Do not place time- sensitive materials in your car for transportation. Time sensitive materials include, but are not limited to, medication, liquids, and perishables.

4. All items must be securely packed/ tied down to limit movement during transportation.

If you have any questions, you may contact the office at (800) 878 – 4737. Ask for Rick or Debbie.

Shipping cars to Florida

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USA Auto Transport is a safe, reliable and secure  transport company that has been shipping automobiles to Florida and back to Michigan for over 30 years.  USA Auto Transport is located in Utica Michigan.  We can accommodate full truck loads or single units.  USA Auto Transport will transport you automobile with its own dedicated trucks,  NO MIDDLE MAN.  Call USA Auto Transport for a quote today. 800-878-4737.